Our Focus is YOU the Customer

Suppliers of Quality Meats and Food Products Serving Customers Around the Globe. Agri-West International, Inc. Exports and Imports Products from the Source Directly to Your Door.


We built our business serving YOU, the Customer.

For over 30 years, Agri-West’s focus has been to help our clients in 17 countries identify and source the products that their end user needs and wants.

We are driven by the same thing you are…… your end user’s needs. The right product for your market, the right value for your market delivered on-time.

In order to sell on the street, whether it is to a hotel chef or a retail buyer, you must have a good value, product knowledge and most importantly confidence of supply. Helping your sales team have confidence on the street is our main goal. Nothing sells like confidence sells. Confidence in product value, confidence in product knowledge and confidence in supply. We can give you and your sales team confidence.

If you are looking for a one product “deal” we are not your source. If you want your end user’s needs driving our sourcing efforts– you have found a partner. 

Too put it simply, we don’t offer a product list. Instead we listen, find what your end users want and need at a price that works. We do this by learning your market and then reaching out to Agri-West’s vast network of protein and dairy suppliers to find the products that fit. Once identified, we focus on logistics and helping you maintain stock levels in a timely and efficient manner. 

We don’t want an order– we want a partner.


Satisfying the needs of customers is our main concern.

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